Document Backup

Over the life of your AAIME Business Association Membership, you may accumulate many business services. You may incorporate one or more times, get personal and business taxes prepared, run payroll & pay employment taxes, incorporate a non-profit organization and apply for a 501 c 3 and prepare non-profit taxes, or receive one or more Tax ID numbers. The list goes on and on...


Wouldn't it be great to have an off-site storage place for all of those Important Papers? Well now you do!!! With Handy Backup, no matter how many Growing Pains you have -- Thefts, Fires, Floods, Bad Movers, Breakups, Etc., If We did it for you, we kept a Copy!


If you want, this can include every business service we provide for you. Add FREE Handy Backup & YOU HAVE ONE LESS WORRY for as long as you are a Member! Indicate your choice for this on the ONLINE Membership Sign-Up sheet!


*This Free Member Benefit gives No Guarantee along with it.

We are not claiming with this Free Member Benefit to take the place of a Safety Deposit Box for your Important Papers. AAIME Business Association is offering you access to a FILE BACKUP OF BUSINESS SERVICES PROVIDED. There is no cash value for this service.