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How to Communicate Effectively

Today, business communication is vitally important. For example, when a lucrative account is on the line, timely talking can save the day. But on the other hand, if there is no communication at the right time, the party with the most to lose probably will. Unfortunately, small business people usually do not communicate well or on time. So follow these rules to communicate effectively in this fast paced world! 


Whenever there is a misunderstanding, always be willing to be the first one to reach out and communicate. Nothing beats a face-to-face or telephone conversation when problems arise. Even if you are not wrong, don't wait to solve any real or potential problems. That's because communication is a very important part of business branding. Remember that good communication does not cost much, but it pays!


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Turn Negatives
into Positives

Solving problems is a major part of having a successful business. As your business grows, without a doubt, you will run into more problems. So it is very important that you expect, understand, and learn to deal with problems properly.


mountain_green_scenic.jpg First of all, think of your successful business like a mountain. That may sound strange, but take a moment to consider what a mountain is. Most mountains are the tallest land mass around. The only land mass that is taller than one mountain is another mountain! Mountains also support a vast amount of nature, including plants, valuable resources, and wildlife.


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Success is a journey, not a destination

No one starts out in business to be a failure. But most end up that way. Why? Because either they don’t understand or respect business ownership. They mostly believe the hype, not the reality of business ownership. They take for granted sayings like, “Build it and they will come”, “Only the strong survive”, “It takes money to make money”, and many more overused clichés. But what they don’t realize is the fact that you can’t go directly after money and be long-term successful. If you put money first before your customer, then you are doomed to failure.


What do we mean by that? First you as the business owner, must accept the fact that you are a complex human being, not a storybook or movie character. Whatever situation you are in or problems you need to overcome won’t be solved in 30 minutes, like a TV sitcom. Depending on where you were in life before you began your business, it may take years to build up all the knowledge and experience you need to be truly successful.


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Simplify to
Are You Ready For 
Tax Time?

Owning a business is totally different from working for someone else. One major way it is different is because business owners receive many more tax deductions than employees. In fact, just about every penny a business owner spends in order to make money in the business is tax deductible.


Top Six Deductions for Business Owners


Business mileage

When you work a job, your cost for transportation to and from work- called “commuting” is not deductible. Commuting is not deductible for business owners either. But all transportation related to business is deductible for business owners. That’s why it is so important to keep up with your transportation receipts and/or mileage.


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Since this is tax season, many business owners ask if Intuit's Quickbooks is the easy way to complete the ongoing bookkeeping chore. Much to people's surprise, AAIME's answer is "No". If your business did not gross at lease $500,000 last year, you really don't need Quickbooks. Here's why.


There are two reasons why businesses should keep records. One is to keep track of the business' income and expenses. Money and inventory can get away if you don't keep track of it. If you don't keep good records and have employees, then you are inviting theft. Even if you have no employees, it's impossible to plan for the future if you don't know where you've been, or where you are now.


The other reason why you must keep good records is to protect yourself against a Government audit. While just about everyone is aware of the I.R.S., you can be audited by a variety of other Government entities and agencies. If you have employees you must even complete a yearly Workman's Comp insurance audit! It is impossible to pass an audit if you have no or incomplete business records.


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