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Your biggest Free Member Benefit is Professional Management Consulting. Receive practical, usable solutions for your business. Everyone has people (friends and family members) they talk to when things are going well. But who can solve your business problems & keep you on-track to your business goals?
Here at AAIME we specialize in business problems. Since 1987, our knowledge and expertise has focused on creating profitable businesses for start-up entrepreneurs. That is, people just like you!
We answer questions concerning business creation, formation, funding, start-up, management, and profitability. We can help you to figure out your marginal cost and product/service pricing, business set-up, licensing, obtaining contracts, government contracting, and if necessary, self-financing of the business start-up.
Free Advice is also available in the areas of marketing, graphic design, branding, websites, printing, etc. We also answer questions about inventing, business formation issues, how to get Uncle Sam to help pay for your business expenses, philosophy of business ownership etc.
No question or problem is too large or too small from start-up to $500,000 in business yearly sales.
Our Membership is made up of the following types of people: Passionate people with a dream of owning their own business. Working people, still in corporate America, with a widget or an idea that they want to capitalize on. Downsized or retired people who want extra income and finally have time to go get it. Independent Business people, building a cash flow and encountering management problems. And people booking annual sales of $500,000+ who need straight counsel and High-Quality business services.
We even help people who don't know what kind of business they want to get into! Here's some quick advice about the best type of new business to start. Try Expanding on a hobby or selling a product or service related to something you ALREADY like to do. Then, start with people you know who need your product or service and sell it to them!
The great part about this plan is, it covers both sides of the equation: If you are successful doing what you love to do, it's a Blessing! If on the downside, your new business takes some time to get going; you'll be doing what you love anyway. So your work won't seem like drudgery!