Registered Agent Services (RAS)

If you are located in Illinois or Texas and Incorporate or start a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with us, you receive our Registered Agent Service (RAS), for FREE! With RAS, managing your corporation(s) or LLC(s) with the Secretary of State becomes almost effortless. RAS takes care of two things: 1.) Contacts at your official corporation address. and 2.) Official corporation mail.


Reasons that the Secretary of State would contact you at your corporation address include: Your County Sheriff with a court summons, official business from the Corporations Department such as your Corporate Annual Report, or official-looking slick sales pitches that you don't need.


RAS saves you the embarrassment and inconvenience of the Sheriff coming to your home or office to serve your corporation with court documents. We also answer any questions about your corporation(s) for FREE. RAS makes running your business a Whole Lot Easier AND LESS EXPENSIVE!


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