AAIME Business Services

Business Registration, Certification, and Tax Preparation


Register with your State to buy wholesale, sell retail, or pay employees. Member cost is $85 each.

Certification means you qualify for contracts set aside for minorities, women or persons with disabilities. Cost starts at $350.

Tax Pros for over 31 years, we are friendly and "On your side." We specialize in personal, small business, corporate, and non-profit taxes. Member Cost starts at $25.

We handle all details and questions.



Our complete Incorporation service includes answering your questions, choosing the right corporation for your individual situation, Articles of Incorporation, Federal Tax ID Number, Custom Corporate Meetings, ByLaws, up to 3 Custom Printed High Quality Stock or Member Certificates, High Quality Corporation Records Book, and Corporate Seal.

Member Cost starts at $405.50



We can incorporate your non-profit organization, prepare your 501c3 application (allows your organization to receive tax-deductible donations,) register your organization with your State's Attorney General so it can solicit donations, or prepare your application for a State sales tax exemption.

Member Cost starts at $375.00. We answer all questions and handle all details.