Let New Link Help With Your Taxes


Looking for an "On Your Side" tax accountant for your business and personal taxes? Look no further. New Link Access Corporation has been providing a full range of tax services since 1993. Paul Perry, the principal of New Link has over 30 years experience. If you are a member of AAIME Business Association, you save 25% on all the tax preparation services New Link offers.


Corporate taxes are only $240 plus time cost, no matter what type of corporation you have. Your State corporate taxes cost only $65 to prepare. The time cost charge is $45 per hour if your corporate tax preparation takes longer than 30 minutes. E-filing is available. We even provide addressed envelopes so that you only need to sign, seal the addressed envelope we provide, apply postage and mail. No worries!


Tax preparation services we provide:




















Need bookkeeping? 

Don’t worry! If you want to do it yourself, we will show you how to keep good records. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can dump all those receipts, bank statements, etc. on us and we will do your bookkeeping. Cost is just $0.35 per entry plus $45 per hour. Want to learn data entry yourself the right way? We will teach you for free! If you use a computer program like QuickBooks or are still doing things the old fashioned way using pencil and paper, you’ve come to the right place!


Why choose an accountant over a CPA?

Do you want to minimize your tax bite? Do you have business problems to straighten out? Do you have problems with back taxes? Do you have future tax questions? If so, you need an accountant right now, not a CPA. Get a CPA after all your problems are worked out and your sales are greeater than $500,000 per year. A CPA certifies that your taxes are done properly. But they don’t as a rule, solve business problems. In fact they must report tax problems to the proper authorities. But if you are like most people with tax problems, you are not trying to cheat. You may not know the rules or appear to cheat due to circumstances. One of our accountants can show you how to make a profit with your business so your tax problem(s) solve themselves. New Link has been solving individual and small business tax problems for over 20 years. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. One last point to understand. If you are not making more than $500,000 per year, you probably don’t even need a CPA. Minimize your tax preparation fees by using New Link. We specialize in business profitability.


Tax Planning and Consulting

AAIME Business Association also helps you run your household or small business smarter and better. Remember it’s not how much you take in, it’s how much you keep after taxes that counts. We show you how to keep more. Get help with

  • tax laws,

  • how and why business owners get more tax deductions than non-business owners, 

  • making a profit,

  • selecting a location,

  • marketing,

  • understanding incorporation and its tax advantages,

  • set up your non-profit organization,

  • help you get your 501c3,

  • set up your retail store or restaurant,

  • help you get your business or general contractor’s license,

  • help you promote your new business,

  • network you with attorneys, insurance providers or other vendors,

  • answer any questions and keep you on track to success. One call to 888-619-3097 starts it all!


Payroll and Independent contractors

Are You Thinking About Payroll? Choose the Level of Payroll Processing You Need:


Basic is for people who can submit their payrolls online using our website. In addition to professional payroll processing you receive 24/7 online reports, check stub viewing and printing, Direct Deposit, Tax Payment service, Tax Form Filing service, year-end W-2/1099 Forms, and unlimited customer support by phone or email. Priority Mail delivery is available. Basic service starts at $22.95 for up to 10 employees or contractors.


Pro has everything Basic offers. The difference is you don’t have to be online, and you don’t have to do anything other than call, fax, or email your payroll to us! We handle the rest. Pro service starts at $29.95 for up to 10 employees or contractors.


Personal has everything Pro offers, plus management and human resources consulting. You receive your own personal Payroll Account Executive. Your Payroll Exec will explain and customize payroll so it works for you and your situation. Personal service starts at $55.66.


Personal is perfect if you have Human Resources questions. Using our Payroll Exec is like having your own Human Resources department at a fraction of the cost. Personal is also great for seasonal employers, people new to payroll, or contractors. Your Payroll Exec can also answer questions and help solve problems on an ongoing basis so you can grow your business.


Personal Payroll Set-up: You may need one or more of the following to run a Personal Payroll account.

  • EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System registration: $45

  • My Tax Illinois registration: $45.

  • Dept of Employment Security registration: $85.

  • Payroll Lifetime Free Set-up- FREE employee/contractor/company changes: $45.

  • Workman’s Compensation insurance.


Call Paul the accountant at 312-440-9343 with questions or to get started.






AAIME members pay only $65 for individual US 1040 plus $15 for each additional form such as a Schedule C or your state tax return.

If your personal taxes take longer than one-half hour to prepare, the time cost is only $45 for the first hour and each additional hour thereafter.

Corporate taxes
C Corp. (US Form 1120)
S Corp. (US Form 1120S)
LLC/Partnership (US Form 1065)

All Personal taxes (US Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ) including
Real Estate owner (Schedule E)
Small Business owner (Schedule C)
One Member LLC (Disregarded Entity)

Non-Profit taxes
Community based organization (US 1040)
Non-Profit Corporation (US1120)
501c3 Charity (US 990, 990EZ, 990-N e-Postcard)
Attorney General Registration
Attorney General Annual Report