“I have been a member of AAIME for 10 years and have grown by leaps and bounds. Mr. Perry's guidance has helped me to expand my business for a modeling agency/consultant into a record label. I have been able to help and develop many people for various aspects of life by bringing out each individual's full potential both personally and professionally. AAIME is now working with me to form my own 501(c)(3) that will be implemented soon. My plan is to work full time for my 501(c)(3) and provide jobs for others!”

Elayne Murray
Director, Celebration of Life Foundation


“Paul, your guidance helped me get all the state and federal requirements completed. This made it possible to concentrate on expanding my business, resulting in our agency becoming one of the leading agencies serving people with brain injuries. I could not have done it without you always being there and ready. Thanks AAIME!”

Gilbert Williams

Executive Director, The Head injury Center for Prevention and Community Re-Entry






“I have been a member 10 years plus! With the help of AAIME, we became incorporated with a 501(c)(3). AAIME Business Association has always been there to encourage, introduce new clients, network, print business cards, marketing referrals, and many more good things!”

Ollie Williams
Director, Love Not In Words, Inc.




“Paul is always ready to serve. His ideas for marketing and distribution helped take my nutrition business to national distribution. Paul makes things happen! I would not want to be in business without Paul behind the scenes.”

Michele Banks
President, Harmony Nutritional Inc.